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Vicki Catapano is a third-generation Californian, a professional artist for 40 years, and an alumni of Cal Poly university in San Luis Obispo. She has become one of the West's most respected and collectable realists.

Upcoming Shows
Mountain Oyster Show
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War Cloud: Sacred Journey (FOR SALE)
Little Windy (SOLD)
The Warrior's Dance (SOLD)
Sacred Circle (FOR SALE)
Little Miss Daisy (FOR SALE)
The Guiding Hand
Between the Winds (SOLD)
Tribal Wisdom (SOLD)
Always in the Loop (SOLD)
Spin Doctor (SOLD)
Ranch Murietta (FOR SALE)
High Desert Rodear (SOLD)
Call of The Bear (SOLD)
The Flag Dance (FOR SALE)
A Watchful Eye (FOR SALE)
Medicine of Good Spirit (SOLD)
Show Ready (FOR SALE)
Walking the Wire (SOLD)
Secret Wishes (SOLD)
Happy Feet (SOLD)
Little Coyote (SOLD)
Pure Californio
Lakota Finery (SOLD)
Straight Up  (SOLD)
Morningstar (SOLD)
Pal (Palomino)
After the Catch (SOLD)
Koh'noh (SOLD)
The Gatherer (SOLD)
Ancient Wisdom (SOLD)
Return to Base Camp (SOLD)
Eye of the Dance (SOLD)
Reflecting on Tradition (SOLD)
Amy 2 (SOLD)
Repairing Tradition (SOLD)
Apache Queen (SOLD)
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